Stories of Funeral Director- Story 1

There are so many stories and things that have happened at funerals.  Some are funny and inspirational and others sad and depressing.  But, let start story #1 with a funny story.

I had just became a manager of a corporate owned funeral home in Kansas.  I will not say where, to protect the innocent.  Here I was a 20 something year old and was just left with managing a funeral home.  Corporation had fired the previous managers.

I was excited but yet very scared.  I could just imagine hearing people I am was trying to service in the worst times of their lives say, “This snot nose kid doesn’t know anything!”   That went through my mind all the time.  It was important to me that everything I did was perfect.  Of course, it did not always go perfect.  Here is a example:

It was a beautiful day, people were arriving to funeral home.  I was handing out folders for service and sitting people.

The family wanted “Amazing Grace” and “Old Rugged Cross” for songs at service.  I remembered we had some Merrill Womack recorded music.  So, an hour before service, I get the music out and see if it worked.  Of course I heard, “Amazing Grace, How Sweet The Sound……”.  Ok, checked other song, sounded great.  Perfect, I was ready to go.  Well, I just listen to the first verse.

So, all the friends and family arrived.  It was a full chapel, which was wonderful.  Preacher started service and I had a order of service so I would know when to play the songs.  So, minister sits down and now a song,  I pushed play and Amazing Grace started playing, perfect.  I adjusted the sound a little and then went to the back of the chapel to hear if the volume was good for everyone.  As the beautiful song was playing and me standing in the back, all of a sudden over the speakers, I heard, a door open and close and then a voice, “It’s me!!”.  Horrified, everyone in the chapel turned and looked at the back of the chapel, here I was standing there and everyone looking at me.  I calmly walked back to the music room and waited for the song to be over.

After, the service the minister came up to me and was questioning me about the music.  I said, “I don’t know”.  Minister said, “I should have said when that happened, “Jesus is here”.  We chuckled together.  But, I was still so worried about what the family would say.  Thank goodness they  were a great family and they chuckled about it.

So, after everything was over, I stormed into the music room and played “Amazing Grace” again.  It did it again.  Well come to find out the previous managers of the firm re-recorded the song from another tape or cd.  Well, why they were doing that the microphone was on and recorded the individual coming in the back door of funeral home.  Still don’t know who the voice of individual belong too.  Maybe it was Jesus!!!!

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