I believe the American Flag is absolutely beautiful.

Before a funeral director can get a flag of a deceased veteran, they need to have the veteran’s DD-214 papers.  In other words, the document verifying the the discharge, if it was honorable and service record.   

Over the years, I have folded many flags.  But, to be honest, I never truly learned what each fold meant.  I knew there was a meaning for each but never studied it till now.  Starting this blog has helped me to start learning again and I hope you learned something also.  Sometimes we have just enough time to get all phones call made for military services and things done for a meaningful funeral that we just get the flag and either drape or fold it depending on type of service.  Truly, depends on family on what they would like.

After finding these facts about each fold, from now on I will start taking more time and try to remember what each fold represent.   

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