Stories of a Funeral Director- Story 2

I believe strongly in the power of laughter.  I have been through a lot in my life, like most of us, but it has been my sense of humor that has kept me sane.  

When meeting with a family it is my goal to get the family to discuss funny stories of their loved one.  Sometimes the funny stories are about me and what I did at another service.  This story has not come up in a while but here it is for you to enjoy.

I had a meeting with a very talented woman at her house to make her funeral arrangements.  It was a sad situation, as you would expect.   This woman had written books and done a lot of things that people didn’t know about, such as using a pen name for her books.  It was a good meeting.

A few weeks later she passed away. I met with her next of kin to discuss what they wanted for her funeral.  We talked about the songs to play at her service.  The family said she liked, “Me and Bobby McGee” by Janis Joplin.  Kind of an unusual song for a funeral but it was good for them and personal to her.  I have played many songs for funerals that are out of the norm.  Whatever the family wants and the minister agrees with, we can make happen.

The day of service I had everything ready at the church and was just waiting for the family to arrive to park their cars. I had placed the memorial folders for the service to have them readily available for everyone.  The minister came by, picked up a folder, and then said, “Jamie, I have never heard of a song called “Me and Boobie McGee”.   In horror, I said, “No Way!!”  Sure enough, there it was — the song title, “Me and Boobie McGee”.  The family would be arriving in a few minutes and I did not have time to reprint all the folders.  We compromised and took our black pens out of our pockets and started correcting the “O” and making it into a “B”.  The minister found it quite funny, and of course she told the family.  Thank goodness the family had a great sense of humor.

No matter how perfect we (especially I) want things to go, there are things that happen. If you can grin or even sometimes laugh about it, it will turn out the way it was supposed to be in end. Usually with a little help from a Higher Power than us.


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